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Providing training, workshops, supervision and consultation to other professionals in the mental health field, and beyond.

We provide training supervision and workshops to other industry professionals. Workshops in mental health awareness are available for performing arts teachers or performing arts programs seeking training on how to be more effective with students inclusive of mental health challenges. Training can occur in person or remotely using Zoom, FaceTime or Skype. All courses include assessments before and after training, didactic sessions, followed by video supervision sessions. Training length and topics covered can be adjusted based on the individual needs of the trainee. Let our experience help improve your effectiveness!

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"We sought Dr. Jacobs' expertise in creating a workshop curriculum with the goal of training our instructors to be able to recognize and navigate common mental health issues for performers. His workshop sessions have been invaluable. We as a studio are now able to recognize key issues and assist students in ultimately becoming better performers."

Jessi Clayton, Co-Owner of The Prep

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